Monday, July 30, 2012

Quilter's Tranquilizers

Yellow - Soothes nerves when you want to buy fabric and the shop is closed. 
Red - Reduces irritation when you cannot find just the right fabric. 
Blue - reduces frustration when your stash is looking little low. 
Brown - relieves panic attacks when there is no place to hide more fabric 
Orange - Minimizes depression when you cannot get enough time to sew. 
Green - cures the urge to clean house when you could be sewing. 
Warning: May contribute to weight gain


  1. may I repost this onto my blog? too funny! thanks for being my latest follower. :) karen

    1. sorry for the delay in responding. you may certainly repost this!

  2. Very funny post! Though I'm not a quilter, I think these apply to beginning sewists, as well. Glad I found your blog through FaFF on Sew Many Ways. -Lauren

  3. Well, then, I'm definitely going to need to buy some M&M's! ha! Especially the orange!

  4. Ah. I'll have to get some medicine in for the mystery :)