Wednesday, August 22, 2012

On the Quilt Wall

Today, I spent half the day in The Studio.  It was nice to spend some time in my haven.  I've let it get in a bit of a mess which is not conducive to productivity.  I folded fabric last week in anticipation of my granddaughter's assistance in resorting my stash.  Unfortunately, that didn't happen, so I resorted it myself today.  

My brother asked for a quilt for his stepson a couple months ago.  The stepson just bought a house and brother and sister-in-law wanted a quilt for a housewarming present.  The request also included fabric with daisies and royal blue.  So I found two background fabrics and a variety of coordinating blues.  While this should be a relatively simple quilt, the combination of colors has made it a bit complicated.  

I have frog quilted more on this quilt (rip it, rip it) on this quilt more than anything I've ever sewn in my life.  I was explaining this to my son, Matthew, this afternoon and he asked if I was quilting or playing chess.  

There are two backgrounds and eight blues.  So I have to match the background to the appropriate blue, so the conversation goes something like background 1 to blue 4.  I have to agree that it sounds a bit like chess to me.  

I think it is going to be lovely.  It is a Carpenter's Star pattern. 

I do think I'm going to have to add a second design wall to the studio so I can layout queen size quilts. 

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