Sunday, July 31, 2016


Wow!  It has been a long time since I've posted.  It's not because I've been sitting on my thumbs.  Almost all quilters have multiple projects in process at the same time.  I think I've reached max.  I have seven projects in boxes on which I am actively quilting.  I keep saying I'm not going to start anything else until those are finished... and then something comes up...  This time, it was a baby shower.  

I have four granddaughters.  Two of them (Chloe and Kaitlin) live in North Carolina.  A month or so ago, Chloe called and during the course of the conversation, she told me that Mommy is expecting a baby sister.  Oh, by the way, would I make baby sister a quilt?  Of course, I will.  

Pat Wys released a book some years back called Spotlight on Neutrals.  I've taken several classes from Pat and proudly claim (self-proclaimed) the title of President of her fan club.  Although Pat created the quilt in neutrals, I love it in color.  It is called Sunnyside.  It is my favorite "go-to" pattern for baby quilts.  It is the perfect size for laying on the floor for the little one to roll around on. 

The baby's room will be decorated in an "ocean" theme so the requested colors were seafoam green and aqua.  Mommy's favorite color is purple so I knew I couldn't go wrong there.  It reminds me of looking at the water at Panama City Beach and being able to see the colors as they deepen in the Gulf of Mexico.  
The perfect quilt for a perfect baby girl.  

Monday, June 8, 2015

My First Mystery Quilt

Bonnie Hunter is a nationally-known quilter.  Her website is  She does scrappy quilts.  I have had the pleasure of taking a couple of classes from Bonnie and she's a wonderful teacher.  

Each year, she publishes clues for a mystery quilt.  The clue on what colors she used comes out in early November so you can go shopping for fabric.  The first clue for blocks comes out on Friday after Thanksgiving.  She releases a clue a week until the Friday after New Year's.  If you keep up with her, you will have a completed quilt.  

For the past three years, I have intended to complete the mystery quilt.  Year 1 (Easy Street), I have the fabrics and completed clue 1.  Easy Street contains lime green and it doesn't speak to me.  I think I'm going to have to swap out the lime green to bring the quilt to completion.  

Year 2 (Celtic Solstice), I have the fabrics.  It's a beautiful blend of shirtings, blues, greens, and oranges.  It is on my to-do list.  

Year 3 was Grand Illusion.  The inspiration came from the Grand Island Hotel on Mackinaw Island.  The colors are yellow, aqua, grass green, pink, black and white.  Bonnie pulls paint chips from her local Lowe's and provides the colors so we have a better representation of the quilt colors than the colors on a computer monitor.  

Here's the quilt in progress.  My white has a design on it with all the colors in the rest of the quilt.  The design is dogs, chickens, butterflies, leaves, etc.  I just love it.

I love the border.  To me, it looks like flowers in bloom.  After I finished the quilt, I asked my granddaughter, Sarah -- the artist, for her opinion on the binding and she said green.  So here's the final...
I don't have a quilt that I have made.  I usually make quilts and give them away.  This one is staying with me.  It's a biggie -- 88" x 88". 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

My Legacies

A legacy is something that comes from someone in the past, according to Webster.  I certainly grew up with women in my past who had a love of sewing and they left that legacy to me.
This is a picture of my family.  Left to right, my grandmother (Ethel), my grandfather (Freddie holding my older sister, Sarah), Aunt Ruth, Aunt Polly, and my Mom (Martha).  All the women in this picture sewed.  My mom had a sewing machine that my grandmother gave to her when she got married.  My brother still has it.  My grandmother taught 4H.  I learned to make an apron from her at a young age.  My grandmother also quilted.  I have some of her blocks.  

But this post is about Aunt Ruth.  She was my mom's older sister.  I can only imagine these girls as young girls.  I know they were full of life.  Aunt Ruth was one of my mentors for hard work.  When we worked in the tobacco fields, Aunt Ruth was the stringer.  We handed three leaves of tobacco to Aunt Ruth and she would tie it to the tobacco stick with string.  You had to be on your toes to keep up with Aunt Ruth.  Aunt Ruth contracted hepatitis in 1974 and left us when she was far too young.  Her passing was a great loss to the whole family.  

Aunt Ruth's first great grandchild was born in December.  I can only imagine how excited she would be as I remember how excited she was when my son was born.  When I read about the birth of Jasper, I felt that I had to make a baby quilt for him in Aunt Ruth's honor.  I know that she would have made him one if she were still here.  So, here's Jasper's quilt...
It is by the Trip Around the World pattern from the book Tradition With a Twist.  I think about little Jasper embarking on his life with the world ahead of him.  I hope this small gesture comforts him in the early years of his life.  Congratulations to his parents, Richard and Ashley, and his grandparents, Dick and Deb. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Lilah's Quilt

The "group" quilt has been finished for quite some time.  It's lacking a label.  If you recall from my last post, a group of friends collaborated to create a quilt for a lady at church who had a stroke.  We showed it at Quilt Guild in February. It measured 74" square. 

I love the Guild but our room is small and it is hard to get a good picture.  It seems like all the pictures have someone's back or a chair in them.  

I've been wanting to take a picture of the quilt outside at my house, but the weather hasn't been cooperating and the ground has been too wet.  But, Sunday was a good, sunny day so I ran out with my camera and snapped pictures of a couple quilts.    

I love how this quilt turned out.  It is the Disappearing Hourglass from Missouri Star Quilt Company's video tutorials.  I didn't get a close up of the quilting.  I quilted it in blue thread.  I find it interesting how colored thread plays on the colored blocks.  On the yellow, it looked grey.  On the white, it was a bright blue.  Quite fun!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Sewing with Friends

I have a quilt studio.  I love it and many of my friends do as well.  One of the ladies in my church had a stroke.  A friend suggested to several other friends in our Sunday School class that we make the lady a quilt.  So, we pulled a couple layer cakes from my stash and used the Disappearing Hourglass pattern from Missouri Quilt Company.  

Disclaimer:  When I am quilting, I don't dress up (understatement).  I dress very comfortably. Make up and hair styling do not exist.  

My cutting table is awesome.  Connie and Sandra liked it as well...

 We put blocks on the quilt wall and then moved them around. Carole, Shirley and I each took turns flipping blocks.  Although, you have to watch Shirley and step stools.  Remember to close the doors behind the design walls!  (Note to self:  don't let Sandra take pictures of my backside.)

Sandra shows our thoughts on the final layout.  We all loved the color block design. 

Don't look too close because some of the pieces were rotated.  When we got them on the wall, it was evident.  Blocks have been taken apart and restitched.  The flimsy is together and the borders are sewn on.  It will go on the frame this morning. 

The best part of the whole experience is the memory we have as friends.  There was a lot of laughter, some scary moments and lots of good food. This is what the studio was intended to be.  

Friday, December 12, 2014

Disappearing Four Patch

I belong to the Georgia Friendship Guild.  I love this group of ladies.  We have a business meeting the first Wednesday of the month and a workshop on the third Wednesday of the month.  I admire the ladies who have served in the Vice President slot as they are responsible for planning the programs and workshop.  It is a challenge to find interesting topics on a limited budget.  

One of our workshops this past year was a disappearing four patch.  I've seen the pattern many times but have not tried it.  This particular pattern used big blocks... 10 inch.  I used two layer cakes.  (Anyone who is familiar with my stash knows that I have an abundance of layer cakes thanks to Missouri Star Quilt Company's deal of the day.)  

I had a layer cake of beach prints designed by Paul Brent who is an artist from Panama City, FL.  We had several of his prints in our condo at the beach.  I combined it with a white layer cake.  Here's the result...

Isn't this a happy quilt?  I quilted it with a light blue thread.  I was so pleased with the end result.  Joe and I made a trip to the Outer Banks in October.  We spent some time with Joe's friends, Frank and Ann.  I gifted this quilt to them for their hospitality.  They have a home on the Pamlico River in NC and the quilt seemed to fit the decor of the home.  

I see another one of these in my future.  I have many layer cakes just waiting to be stitched, cut, and stitched again.  After all, isn't that what quilters do? 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Kiwanis Charity Quilt

My husband, Joe, belongs to a local chapter of the Kiwanis International.  His group is The Jonquil City Kiwanis Club.  (Smyrna, GA is the called Jonquil City.)  The motto of Kiwanis International is they are dedicated to improving the world, one child and one community at a time.  

Joe's group works with our local schools to support the children.  At the elementary school level, they read to children and donate books to the library.  In middle school, the sponsor Builder's Club which is an organization that teaches the children how to plan and run projects.  In high school, they support Key Leader which builds the skills our children need to become the next generation of leaders, and give four year scholarships to a graduating senior.  

The club funds their projects by selling Vidalia onions in the spring and pecans in the fall/winter (now).  Both projects are hard work for the members.  It requires many volunteer hours to source product, procure product, and sell product to raise funds.  

To help supplement their fund raising, I made a quilt for them to be raffled.  One hundred percent of the proceeds from sales of the raffle tickets go to Kiwanis.  I purchased the materials to make the quilt and donated them, along with my labor, to the club.  Here's the quilt...

The pattern of the quilt is called a Hunter's Star.  My friend, Nelda, suggested that I made the quilt in blue and gold which are the colors of Kiwanis International.  All the fabrics in this quilt came from one of my favorite local quilt stores, Tiny Stitches.  

The quilt raffle will be held next Tuesday, December 9th.  I am anxious to find out who has the winning ticket!