Monday, September 9, 2013

My Studio (aka The Woman Cave)

Someone asked if I had pictures of My Studio, so I went to my blog to link to them.  Duh!  I never posted them... all I could find was a posting that said pictures to come.  So, here they are...

This is the outside.  I have since added a barn quilt to the left side of the front door.  I've also added a dogwood tree, some azaleas, and some hostas to the landscaping.   We love the yard. 

The pictures below are to the right of the front door and look toward the cutting table.  Notice the wine cooler.  (big smile)  The sink is a large sink without a divider.  I use it for giving my pug a bath.  I also had it put in should I decide to dye fabrics.  (Do you think it's still so pristine?  Nope, stuff all over the counter.  This reminds me I need to clean up.)  Notice the doors on the left.  More explanation to come. 

 The door on the right leads to my bathroom.

Next picture -- My HandiQuilter Avante with the Prostitcher.  I have since purchased a UPS which sits under the frame.  The backdrop on the right (with the quilt squares) is a disappearing design wall.  It's like a big flannel window shade that rolls up into something that looks like a box shelf.

See the three doors.  They nest and roll on a track so I can move them back and forth.  My stash is hidden behind them.  The third picture (above) shows the other set.  The entire back wall of the studio is storage.  The doors give me access but keep the fabric from being exposed to light so it doesn't fade. 
My sewing machines sit to the left of the door when you enter the Studio.  I have since purchased a Horn cabinet which sits where the black table is.  It holds my Babylock Ellisimo and my Babylock Imagine serger.  The table under the window has been replaced by a Featherweight table and the Featherweight which is the same age as I.  The black table now sits by the window to the right and holds my Janome MC10000. 
To the right of the front door is a desk where I can use my "travelling" machines, a Babylock Grace or my second Featherweight, if I need more machines set up to piece.

There are some other things not in the pictures (other than the UFOs).  In front of the cutting table and the long arm frame, I've added GelPro floor mats.  They are worth their weight in gold.  On the wall in the corner above and by the desk, I have slat board (similar to peg board) for hanging embroidery hoops and quilting stencils.  I purchased two nice sewing chairs from a local sewing machine dealer.  I also purchased two bar stools which sit in front of the cutting table.  They are nice to have when hubby comes to visit.  And, last but not least, I added an ironing board.

Thank you for walking through the tour of My Studio.