Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life Back to Normal

I hate dislike the reruns of summer. My favorite show, Grey's Anatomy, has its premier last week. This week, both Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice will be on.

If Derrick and Meredith would quit fighting on Grey's Anatomy, then life would be back to normal.

More pictures of the quilt studio to come. Been cutting on a special quilt this afternoon.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Isn't it lovely?

We're really almost there this time...

After two months of dust and dirt in the yard, we have grass... and a sidewalk... and a paved driveway.

I went over the punch list with our contractor/neighbor/good friend yesterday and there are just a few things to be fixed before picture taking time.

Of course, there's "stuff" everywhere inside as I try to get more organized when I'm putting things away. And, I'm going through the inevitable... "I think this should go here" only to move things around as I actually start to use the space.

Inside pictures to come (when it's a little more organized).

Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost Done

For the past three months, we have had a little project going on in the backyard. As most sewist and quilters, I have dreamed of having my own space dedicated to the art. I have also wanted a long-arm quilting machine since I saw the first one on Fons and Porter ten years ago.

Well, my dreams are coming close to a reality.

This is my new quilting studio. It is 640 square feet, contains a small kitchen area (no stove), and a small half bath. I have 32' of storage for fabric stash, thread, books, quilt kits, jelly rolls, and other assorted fabric desserts.

My #1 DGD and I carried stuff valuables from the house to the studio for 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday. #1 DGD, Sarah, is the resident artist and she artfully arranged my stash in color sequence. I appreciate her so very much.

There are still 5 lights to install and a few punch list items to be complete... which is why I said it is almost done. I will be glad when it is complete and we can landscape the yard. In the meantime, I need to go sew...