Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Congratulations Jessie

My neighbor's niece graduated from Kennesaw Mountain High School this year.  The neighbor asked if I would make her a quilt from her t-shirts.  I'm not crazy about t-shirt quilts because they seem to lack the creativity that makes quilting such a passion of mine.  However, her shirts were so diverse and gave me a lot to work with.  

She had a combination of school shirts and church shirts.  The white shirts on the sides of the bottom three rows and the shirts on the bottom row were church shirts.  I created a "stair step" of the green shirts in the center.  I paired several fronts and backs side-by-side and top-bottom so they told her story.  I was one shirt short, so I put her graduation picture in the center.  

I used a new panto for the quilting...
It was a big panto... 14" high which I had to downsize a bit for my long arm throat width.  I loved it for the swirls and wasn't disappointed in how it quilted out.  I'll definitely use it again.  

My guild just had a program on t-shirt quilts.  One of our members shared that members of a neighboring guild to which she belongs charge $25 per t-shirt for t-shirt quilts.  So, dear readers, I'm interested in your thoughts on what to charge...

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