Saturday, May 17, 2014

Charity Quilts

I belong to a couple quilt guilds.  Quilters are passionate contributors to charitable causes.  I have to admit that I have been slack in this area.  I seem to have so many projects coming at me that I cannot even finish my UFOs... let alone make the charity quilts that I should.  

However, my son asked me to make a quilt to benefit his step-nephew who has Autism.  The symbol for Autism is a puzzle and he requested a puzzle quilt to be raffled off.  Here's what I came up with...  (on the back porch)

(on the bed)
My oldest granddaughter, Sarah, helped me with the color layout of the squares.  She is quite the artist and has an eye for color.  Notice the offset rows of black and white mixed with the colors.  There are no accidents in her work... everything has a purpose.  I was pleased with the result and hope the raffle yields a lot of money to benefit Autism research.  


  1. Awesome! This is a very cool quilt and I'm sure it will bring in tons in a raffle!! Your granddaughter has a very good eye for color! Beautifully done to both of you! :)

  2. It looks very realistic! I hope it raises a lot for the charity.

  3. I like the colors you used. I tried something like this, but never finished it. Yours definitely looks better. I think I'll start again.
    ps. I'm a teacher with 6 high school students and mother of one boy--all are somewhere on the autism spectrum.

  4. Janet, you did an awesome job on this! Beautiful! Somehow I never saw this post. My niece who lives in Brroklyn has 2 boys & one girl, both boys are autistic, the older more so than the younger. I hope the quilt raised lots of money for this worthy cause.