Thursday, December 1, 2011

Oyster Stew

Nothing like a good pot of oyster stew on a cold night.

Joe and I went to NC over the Thanksgiving Holiday to visit the families. We put over 1,200 miles on the new car.

The last stop was in Wilmington to see Mom. After visiting her, we went to Blue Water in Wrightsville Beach to eat seafood. It was yummy. Before we left on Monday, we make a run to Mott's Seafood. We loaded up 3 pounds of shrimp, a lovely piece of grouper, and a pint of oysters.

On Tuesday, Joe and I began the great debate about what goes in oyster stew... we agreed on celery and onions but debated about potatoes. To me, potato soup is made with chipped beef sauteed in butter. Potatoes don't go in oyster stew. Potatoes make a soup, not a stew.

In the end, the cook (me) wins. I didn't hear any complaints when he was slurping it down.

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  1. Oooh, yummy! Shrimp, grouper and oysters (my DH won't eat oysters, so they'd be all mine!).