Sunday, July 31, 2016


Wow!  It has been a long time since I've posted.  It's not because I've been sitting on my thumbs.  Almost all quilters have multiple projects in process at the same time.  I think I've reached max.  I have seven projects in boxes on which I am actively quilting.  I keep saying I'm not going to start anything else until those are finished... and then something comes up...  This time, it was a baby shower.  

I have four granddaughters.  Two of them (Chloe and Kaitlin) live in North Carolina.  A month or so ago, Chloe called and during the course of the conversation, she told me that Mommy is expecting a baby sister.  Oh, by the way, would I make baby sister a quilt?  Of course, I will.  

Pat Wys released a book some years back called Spotlight on Neutrals.  I've taken several classes from Pat and proudly claim (self-proclaimed) the title of President of her fan club.  Although Pat created the quilt in neutrals, I love it in color.  It is called Sunnyside.  It is my favorite "go-to" pattern for baby quilts.  It is the perfect size for laying on the floor for the little one to roll around on. 

The baby's room will be decorated in an "ocean" theme so the requested colors were seafoam green and aqua.  Mommy's favorite color is purple so I knew I couldn't go wrong there.  It reminds me of looking at the water at Panama City Beach and being able to see the colors as they deepen in the Gulf of Mexico.  
The perfect quilt for a perfect baby girl.  

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