Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Quilts -- My Summer Work

It seems that my circle of friends includes a lot of young people who are having babies.  My niece and nephew are at the top of the list.  They welcomed their young son, Silas Alexander, last summer.  My niece's only request was for a colorful quilt.  

This pattern is called Sunburst from Pat Wys' book Spotlight on Neutrals.  Pat's book, of course, uses neutral colors, but I knew this happy, sunny quilt was the perfect choice for these colorful fabrics.  The background fabric has giraffes on it and I just fell in love.

The next quilt was made for a friend of my son's, Wes and Jamie.  

They named their daughter Novalee, which I just love.  It reminds me of the movie which starred Natalie Portman where she had her baby in a Walmart.  In the movie Novalee overcame her rough beginnings to become a successful young mother.  

Jamie sent me the sweetest thank you note for the quilt.  It means a lot to know that your work is appreciated.  I know Baby Novalee will be as sweet as her mother and this quilt. 

The final quilt was for our housekeeper and friend, Ester.  She had her second baby this past summer.  

Ester has a daughter who is about two years old.  She didn't find out the sex of this baby until she was born so the quilt had to be gender neutral.  This is a larger version of the pink quilt above.  It has eight patch squares where the pink quilt has four patches.  The eight patches have a lot of designs on them which will make this a great "I spy" quilt.  I love the brightness of the blue and the blue quilting just popped. 

As Al Roker says, what's happening in your neck of the woods?

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  1. They're all wonderful and the colors are great. I especially love the first one. It's just so bright and cheerful!