Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

A couple months ago, I got a text from by husband's daughter with a picture of a quilt attached and a comment... "Mackenzie (granddaughter) wondered if Geema could make her a quilt like this."  As my husband says, granddaughter's want... granddaughter's get.  

Of course, it was a Christmas Eve finish.  (Don't we all work better under pressure?)

A black and white chevron.  The construction is 6" finished half square triangle.  I used five or six different blacks and scrappied them up.  

I love a big, ole' fat binding...  

One thing I love about the long arm quilter is that the quilt basting on the top and sides makes for a full, fat binding.  I love the way the binding rolls to the back and puffs up.  And, yes, the backing is a red print... hoping for a Georgia Bulldawg when dear granddaughter heads to college.  

The quilting was puffy clouds in a black and white variegated thread.  Black thread is weaker than white thread due to the amount of dyeing required to get it black.  I had more than my share of thread breaks and challenges with this thread, but it is lovely on the quilt.  

I love the quilt.  I may make another one for me!


  1. I like the quilt and that you used a fluid pantograph on such a linear quilt. It works well together. I'm always a fan of 2 color quilts, though for some reason seldom make them.

  2. Lovely future Dawg Quilt !!! But, thanx for the info . . . . I didn't know black thread was weaker because of the amount of dyeing necessary . . . . hmmmmmmm just goes to show old dawgs can learn new trix all the time !!!!!!! Happy New Year, phyl