Monday, September 5, 2011

Almost Done

For the past three months, we have had a little project going on in the backyard. As most sewist and quilters, I have dreamed of having my own space dedicated to the art. I have also wanted a long-arm quilting machine since I saw the first one on Fons and Porter ten years ago.

Well, my dreams are coming close to a reality.

This is my new quilting studio. It is 640 square feet, contains a small kitchen area (no stove), and a small half bath. I have 32' of storage for fabric stash, thread, books, quilt kits, jelly rolls, and other assorted fabric desserts.

My #1 DGD and I carried stuff valuables from the house to the studio for 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday. #1 DGD, Sarah, is the resident artist and she artfully arranged my stash in color sequence. I appreciate her so very much.

There are still 5 lights to install and a few punch list items to be complete... which is why I said it is almost done. I will be glad when it is complete and we can landscape the yard. In the meantime, I need to go sew...

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  1. I hope you'll invite all us fans to your grand opening!